Jeep Key Fob Battery Replacement

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It may take years for your Jeep key battery to die, but it doesn’t have to inconvenience your Pasadena or Pearland commute. When your key fob is dying, you may notice that it takes multiple presses to unlock the door or the range of operation is decreased. If you’re wondering how to replace a Jeep key fob battery at home, this handy guide from Gulfgate Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram will get you back on the road without interruption. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our service team!



How to Replace a Jeep Key Fob Battery

When you’re ready for a Jeep key fob battery replacement, make sure you have these items: 

  • Small Flathead Screwdriver or the key itself if you have a flip-style key that slides to open
  • New CR2032 Battery

Learning how to replace the battery is a relatively simple process. The plastic key casing comes apart, and inside you’ll find a small circuit board, a rubber keypad, and the battery. Simply follow these steps for replacement: 

  • Insert the key or screwdriver into the key fob seam near the keyring mount and gently press down to separate. Make sure you don’t use a twisting action as it could damage the plastic.
  • Remove the old battery from its housing, noting the battery position.
  • Place the new CR2032 battery in the housing and make sure that the negative side is facing down.
  • Place the circuit board into the keypad and place the keypad into the key.
  • Snap the two halves together and your Jeep key fob battery replacement is complete!

Reprogramming Your Jeep Key Fob

While you now know how to replace a Jeep key fob battery, you’ll also need to know how to reprogram it so you can use it properly before your Baytown commutes. 

  1. Sit in the driver’s seat of your vehicle and ensure all of the doors and trunk are closed.
  2. Insert the key into the ignition and keep it in the off position. 
  3. Open the driver’s-side door and keep it open while you move the switch on the door to the lock position.
  4. Turn the key to the on position.
  5. Press and hold the lock button on your key fob for five seconds. Once you let go of the button, take the key out of the ignition to complete the programming process. 

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We want you to enjoy your Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep®, Ram, Wagoneer to the fullest extent. Whether it’s a quick guide for how to replace a Jeep key fob battery or an explanation of the proper way to jump-start a car, the team at Gulfgate Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram has you covered. If your vehicle needs other services to maintain your smooth operation on Houston roads, our trained service technicians are experts in all your car-related needs. Easily schedule a service appointment online today and save on your next visit!


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